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Welcome! Huang Jiang Industrial Ltd. Is a Chinese based Silk Rose Petal specializing in wedding flowers , Sheer Organza Pouches,Satin gift bag, Cotton bag, Velour bag, Tulle/Organza Circles, Favor Box for packaging that can be shipped worldwide . We currently offer silk petals and Sheer Organza Pouches for sale with quantity discounts, wholesale pricing and fast reasonable shipping.

If you are looking for Sheer Organza Pouches,Satin pouches, Cotton pouches , silk wedding petals, Wedding accessories and gifts. We invite you to view our website. Our silk rose petals and Favor Gift Pouches, gifts and top quality silk flowers by the stem are available for purchase with secure online ordering.

All of our silk rose petals,Sheer Organza Pouches, Satin pouches, Cotton pouches and accessories, gifts make great romantic accents for a night. You can make a pathway of petals or sprinkle the petals on a bed.
Our Silk Rose Petals are high quality petals at an excellent price . We currently have a lot of colors to choose from, many of which are not available in a real rose. Of course , we will be glad to offer you your colors and styles and packing, giving you the flexibility to create your own color combinations. You even have the choice of mixed size Silk rose petals.

From Silk rose petals to Sheer Organza pouches,Cotton pouches, from small orders to large orders we offer one on one consults with our esteemed customers to give each one their special "look". We feel that no matter how big or small a order is, each of our customers deserve to be treated with importance. We welcome your questions, with silk rose petals , floral designers and other experts at our fingertips we can help with any question that you may have. We answer all emails within 48 hours or sooner if time permits


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